Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek Heaven

I know - in some circles it simply isn't 'cool' to love Star Trek, but I do. Always have, always will.

I went to see the latest movie this afternoon and came out bouncing and smiling. They matched the faces and personalities of the original characters really well. I know this because I've watched all 72 episodes of the original series - over and over again. And it was SO good to see the real Spock there too. My heart still goes pitter-pat whenever I see him, I don't care how many wrinkles he has.

I loved that they kept throwing in lines from the original series too. After the first few, I was 'look, watch this, he's going to say ...' and he did. I felt like we should have got up and danced in the aisles, like Rocky Horror, or something. I would have worn a Star Trek costume but the only costumes I own are NextGen and they're all too small for me now. Yes - I went to the last Star Trek movie in costume, as Dr Beverley Crusher, red wig and all.

I know the black hole just couldn't have happened with such little impact in the universe, and there were a few other things that didn't fit with the science, but it's SF (the F stands for 'fiction') so I can overlook an anomoly or two. And I really liked the alternative reality idea - it sets things up for a totally different 'original' series or next movie. Brilliant.


Danielle Ferries said...

Cool schmool. I don't get the whole Star Trek thing but if you love and enjoy it, that's the main thing :)

Jim Harris said...

Hey, I'm glad you're writing blog posts again. I loved the new Star Trek movie too. Rotten Tomatos, a review site that collects movie reviews and measures the positive reviews against the negative reviews, said 95% of the reviews for the new Star Trek were positive!

glediar said...

I'm glad most people have seen the good parts of the movie. I've heard a lot of negatives - primarily from fundamentalists. I think they've forgotten the fun the original Star Trek series was. Everything was tongue-in-cheek and no one took themselves seriously. The movie has brought that back and melded it with the action.

I keep thinking I need to have something to write about to post it on a blog and my life is, most days, very routine. Hence the gaps between posts. It's good to hear from you Jim.