Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eye-hand coordination

I don't have any. Lauren's the same. We drove to Fernvale today (about an hour west) and spent an hour at the tennis courts there. Most of the time there we were running after the ball. About half the shots that should have been easy, we either missed completely or hit with just the edge of our racquets and the ball shot off on a tangent. I think there were only three or four times we actually managed a reasonable volley - 5-6 hits in a row. Of course we didn't bother with any rules. There's not much point when hitting the ball is a challenge in itself, so we had lots of double-bounces and a few returns from under the net, and services from the middle of the court (just to make sure the ball went over the net a few times).

After the 'tennis' we went to the pub and shared a fish-and-chip lunch. And the whole time we talked. We haven't actually seen each other for a couple of weeks, even though we've phoned and emailed. Our words tumbled over themselves, eager to get out. Most of the things we talked about couldn't be considered 'important' but we simply had to share it all.

When we came back home we lounged around and drank tea, dozed and chatted some more. We had the best day.

When Lauren walked into my house this morning, I felt the release. My world was once again in balance; everything that could be right, was. That's the effect she has had on me from the first moment I saw her.

Lauren feels the same, but she's not sure if the feeling is due to me or the fact that I hadn't lost the tennis racquets afterall!

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