Saturday, February 6, 2010

Working full time

I've just gone back to work full time after being part-time 0.8 for four years. The last two years my part time was in bits and pieces, never a full day off or even two half-days. It had become annoying because my extra time wasn't in a usable chunk. I decided it would be just as easy to be working full time.

And now I'm surprised at how much work that extra day over the course of a week really takes. I'm exhausted. While there's still no word on what I'll actually be doing all year, I'm taking another teacher's classes while she's on leave for a couple of weeks. The full time table means I have five classes instead of four. I've also taken responsibility for all the preparation for a program offered to the senior students that I don't actually teach. So that means six different subjects to prepare for. I've had between three and four for the last four years and hadn't realised how much extra work that one or two subjects would be. Even though I'd been studying that whole time, I'd become complacent about my work load.

Going back full time has also given me a greater sense of belonging. It's not as if I didn't feel part of the place before, it's just that I missed a lot of meetings because of the hours I worked. I was always running to catch up with the information. Now I'm there all the time, I find out things at the same time everyone else does.


Jim Harris said...

My workweek is 37.5 hours. I always thought I'd rather work 7 days a week, but only 5 hours a day, and have good usable free time every day than work five days a week and be off two. Even over a four day week with three off. If I could go to work at 8 and work steady until 1, I think I'd get more accomplished in 5 hours than working 7.5 hours with an hour off for lunch.

glediar said...

I've often thought the opposite. I think working a few 10-12 hour days would give me three to four days a week where I could just do what I want without having to go into work.

Our 'contact' time is 25 hours a week. That's where we have to be on campus doing our stuff. Anything else we have to do is flexible as far as the where and when is concerned, as long as it gets done. There's no time limit on that. I prefer to stay at work until I get the work done (or until the cleaners throw me out), rather than bring work home.