Sunday, November 14, 2010

Singapore Zoo

At nearly 7am there were barely half a dozen cars on the road and two pigeons on the ledge outside my window – the first pigeons I’ve seen here. Noisy minahs (the brown ones with black heads) are the only birds I’ve seen here so far.

There are so many images that flash like strobe lights as I drive around. A tray-back truck full of men sitting in the back on their way to a construction site. A church, the grounds turned into a parking lot, regimented rows of people neatly filling inside. A man and a woman standing on a street corner, she coming barely to his chest, his upper body twisted towards her, leaning over her, eyes focused on her face. She, for that moment in time, is the whole focus of his being. A girl, riding pillion on a motor bike, light-weight skirt flying half-way up her back, white legs flashing in the light. The rider in front of her wearing protective clothing.

An Orang Utan
I went to the zoo this morning. We had two and a half hours there, including breakfast. In that time I managed to see only one third of the zoo and still nearly missed my bus – the only one for the day. I took a few good photos and a lot of really bad ones. I managed to get some shots of orang utans for Lois but unfortunately didn’t see the komodo dragon. On the bus there was a family from the Isle of Mann and another, three generations travelling together for a holiday, from Australia (Ipswich, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne).

It started raining on our way home. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain just as I was crossing the street. Now my shoes are wet and nothing dries here. I spent the afternoon watching the rain from my room and dozing.


Fiona G said...


Looks like you are having a fabulous time. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Lauren said...

So sad you couldn't have TEN DAYS at the zoo!
Now that would be fun! It looks like a nice zoo. Doesn't make you sick to see like the ones in Thailand.

glediar said...

Fiona - I am having a great time. I'm not doing some things at night simply because I'm on my own. I get enough funny looks because of that during the day.

glediar said...

Lois - maybe not 10 days at the zoo but certainly more than a morning. It would be easy to spend two days there. And, yes, it's much better than the photos you showed me of the animals in Thailand. It even smells fresh.

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