Sunday, November 29, 2009

I made it!

I hit the 50k mark this morning. I was beginning to wonder if I had time to do it, this week's just been crazy. I've validated at 50518 and I'll leave it at that for the moment. The book's not finished. I've written a chunk of it and then this morning I skipped to the final scene and wrote that. That was enough to slip me over the 50k. I need to do some plot sketching to make sure the plot arc flows. I have to work out exactly where everything fits so I don't leave any great gaping holes in the logic - there are heaps there now. But all that will take time that I don't have at the moment.

There's a workshop on at uni next week that I really need to go to. That requires a whole heap of reading and 'serious thinking' and I have only two evenings to do it all in. Normally I'd take a couple of weeks to do it and feel prepared but I don't have that time.

Today is another family day. It was my birthday last week so Lauren has been spending lots of time with me. We went shopping yesterday. It was only going to be for an hour or so but it ended up being for most of the day. We both hate shopping, particularly close to Christmas, so it was a real feat to do it. I now have a new chair for my office - a nice red leather one that makes me sit straight. And I have new eyebrows. Lauren says I'm at the age now where I looked washed out so I needed to get my eyebrows coloured. Lovely child.


Danielle Ferries said...

Well done. What a huge and satisfying achievement. It's an excellent exercise in discipline and at the end you can sit back and be happy in the knowledge that you have another finished manuscript that hopefully one day we will see on the bookshelves - and yes, yes, I know it needs editing and there are gaps in logic and plot holes, but you did it!

glediar said...

Unfortunately it isn't finished yet. I skipped a lot of the drama and the black moment and the resolution and wrote the very last scene. I think it'll take another 20-25K to finish. I'm taking the rest of this week to recoup and then begin a program of writing at least an hour a night and reading at least one article for my research a night.