Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 11

I almost didn't write anything today. I had a super busy day at work and then a job interview that I'd only had 24 hours to prepare for and was exhausted by the end of it. Not having a clue where my story had to go from where it was didn't help either. Then I get onto my blog and find my widgit from a few days ago has gone. I'll worry about it later.

But I sat down at the computer about an hour ago and told myself that I was going to write 500 words, even if it was all rubbish. So I've now written 1400 words and moved my characters forward another step. It's not great writing but the bones are there.

Here's today's excerpt:
“We’re not stowaways,” exclaimed Freema indignantly. “You rescued us.”
“You didn’t leave at Tolifax, told no one you were here. In the eyes of governmental law, that makes you stowaways, whether the pilot is aware of you or not.”
Lonnar nodded. This obviously wasn’t news to him.
Freema looked devastated.
“What?” Starr asked. “Didn’t you consider you might be breaking a law just by staying on board?”
She shook her head, her eyes welling. Then she broke down into noisy tears, her hands covering her mouth, making the sobs echo weirdly in her mouth.
“Jeesis.” Starr landed on his knees beside her, leaning over her lap, drawing her body close to him.
Lonnar leaned around her from behind, his arms looped over her shoulders and around Starr's head, holding them all in a fierce embrace.
And overhead, a haunting melody began. Eventually Starr recognised it as Bussey’s Luna, the prelude Starr often played to go to sleep by. He almost broke out of the hug to tell Brett to turn it off, but he felt comfortable; comforting and comforted at the same time and he didn’t want to move.
Manipulative bastard.


Danielle Ferries said...

I hit a wall with mine last night. I got to a point and sat there and thought, where the hell do I go now. I read through a few notes, turned on the TV and stared at it mutely for a while, and out of nowhere came a small snippet of an idea that just throws an even bigger spanner in the works for my main character.

I'm starting to get worried about the ending though. I sort of know where I want it to go but I think I may have dug too deep of a hole. Hopefully something will prevail towards the end.

glediar said...

Most of the time I like the walls - once I get over the panic of not knowing what to do next. It makes me think and makes me ask the hard questions.

I hope you've worked your hole out. There's bound to be a way out, even if you have to backtrack a little and add a little ladder somewhere.